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Create Meaningful Website Links for Better Search Engine Optimization

When search engines like Google and Yahoo are indexing your website, it would help your website’s natural search engine results (ranking) to create meaningful website links. What do I mean by this? Simply use descriptive text or phrases in your website link text. And using SEO keyword-researched words and phrases would be even better.

As an example of website link text, you could just cite the word “plans” in an article. What kind of plans are these? The search engines have little clue. However, if you put the website link on several meaningful words in a row: “homemade spinning wheel plans” or “photos of custom motorcyles by X designer,” then the search engines know exactly the value of that text. Creating website links like this does makes the link a little more wordy, but is a greater help to your readers as well, who will know where the link “lands.” They will know exactly what to expect when they click on those words.

If you have links like these on other websites, that point to your website, the search engines will rank your web page better, too, which will help your “natural” (non-paid) search results. You can also use these to link to other pages within your website. If you are selling crepes in Fort Collins Colorado, examples of links to your website could include:

    delicious crepes in Fort Collins, Colorado
    the best crepes in Old Town, Fort Collins
    best dinner date restaurant in Fort Collins, Le Creperie

Be sure to use keyword-researched words in that link. Don’t know how to do that? Just read the section about in our fantastic article about how to optimize your website for search engines (SEO). (You know exactly where this link will take you, right? To another article in this website. And we just told the search engines what is on that page.)

Now you understand how to create website links that include SEO information for search engines, increase your natural search engine results through internal and external website links, and finally how to help your readers know where each click leads. I hope this will help you in your business.

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