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How to Increase Search Engine Traffic: Submit Your Website

You’ve just completed a major website overhaul. Now you wonder when the search engines like Google and Yahoo will find out its been updated. You want that increased traffic, with your greatly improved “search engine optimization” of your website. You want the increased business it brings, and the ad revenue.

Well, why wait any longer? There is an easy way to get the two major search engines to re-index your website: tell Google and Yahoo about your website! (These two have about 85% of the world search engine traffic.) Just type in your main website homepage, the code shown on the screen, and their robots (also called “bots”) will “crawl” all over the website, and update their index of keywords. There is no need to submit sub-pages, below your main homepage. The bot will find it all. And although it can get the process moving, the search engines warn that it might still take about two to three months to see results. So get started now.

Here are the website submission pages for Yahoo/Bing, and Google website submission. (Know that these page addresses change often to stop robotic submissions, so you may need to do a search “submit website” on Yahoo and Google. Bing required three entries of a code before submission.

Website submission is free. I would suggest only paying if you don’t have the luxury of time (and many business owners are short on time.) And if you want to hire Sproul Creative to do this for you, we would be happy to do so.

If you need help with search engine optimization, please read our article: website design search engine optimization tips.

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