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Website Designer Diana Sproul, owner of Sproul Creative website design company, has been busy this past year. website design fort collins cowebsite design fort collins cowebsite design fort collins cowebsite design fort collins cowebsite design fort collins coWe’ve just designed an e-mail marketing program in MailChimp for The Haunted Game Cafe. Here’s the April 2014 e-mail newsletter website design, and the newsletter sign up form design includes radio buttons to segment guests into customer type on the way into the database, so marketing can be targeted to each group separately, or as a whole. We also launched a social media campaign to drive sign-ups, with custom, designed Facebook images.

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Designed & Developed One Webpage and Three Websites for Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA Dept. of Pediatrics, Los Angeles, CA:
Redesigned the main Pediatrics web page, especially the drop-down navigation. Developed an accordion box on the right side that slides to reveal current staff courses and lectures at UCLA. Created a new Pediatrics subdivision website design, and developed it independently into three new websites:

  • Hematology/Oncology Pediatric website (which has 21 webpages),
  • Critical Care’s Pediatric website (12 web pages), and
  • NeoNatology Pediatric website.

We were asked to design a Pediatrics home page that would announce new events (see drop down box on the right), and be similar in design and color scheme to UCLA's many other web pages.

We were asked to design a Pediatrics home page that would announce new events (see drop down box on the right), and be similar in design and color scheme to UCLA’s many other web pages.

We designed and developed a new logo and Colorado website for, using search engine keywords throughout for better natural search engine results (free traffic!).'s Website Home Page

The Paninos website was designed with:

  • external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to keep text readable by search engines,
  • a three column layout with the important body text listed first (for higher importance rank with the search engines),
  • a newly-designed company logo,
  • links to social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • custom images with borders on the Gallery page (View the real webpage, view Gallery page image only),
  • and separate e-mail marketing opt-ins for the different locations.

Developed blog website and set up a new Facebook business page in 2011. SIS Design, a Fort Collins, Colorado, architecture firm, specializes in commercial drafting and residential design. They have an emphasis on energy-efficienct building materials and long-term energy use, as well as designs for those with disabilities.

E-mail Marketing Campaign

E-mail Marketing Campaign

This marketing e-mail was created for The Haunted Game Cafe to announce the release of the new Battlestar Gallactica Game. This page uses an external CSS file to control the centering of the page regardless of window size, and live text that floats in the middle. It also controls an image file and link on the game box at left. High quality assets, including the pre-made header (faces and title down to side line bends), were provided by the game company. View real web file.

Fort Collins MOMS Club West website

Created a new website for the Fort Collins MOMS Club-West, using external CSS. This design carries forward the website home page’s “mom dumped her purse on the counter” design image created by Cheri Schonfeld. Note the notebook paper used in background, stickie notes for links, and stickie note ‘tabs’ at the top for the navigation. The headers for each tabbed section and the paragraph titles are live text (meaning its readable by search engines), styled with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Social Media As Part of the Tool Kit: Developed a Facebook event page for the Fort Collins MOMS Club charity event, Moms Helping Moms: A Children’s Fashion Show and Silent Auction. The event was listed with many online calendars all over northern Colorado. We used Facebook’s ability to personally e-mail attendees to remind them to come, and sent a differently tailored message to the “undecided.” Added a link from the MOMS Club website to the Facebook page. Created a television image for use on public access TV. The event was a huge success, raising over $4400 for Project Self-Sufficiency in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado. We also collected truck loads of clothes for The Dream Room, ABLEWomen (part of Junior League), and The Kid’s Closet in Fort Collins. Event food was donated to the Open Door Mission. Go, moms!

Implemented webinar web page revisions for GE Private Asset Management (GEPAM) Webinar log-in web page, which uses animated GIFs and links to the webinar log-in website. Also created GEPAM’s national magazine ad, national marketing e-mails, professionally-printed newsletters, electronic event announcements for distribution via e-mail, and stock fact sheets.

Revised the Doublestrand Ranch American paint horse breeding website to include new foals, external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) instead of embedded styles (for faster revisions), and improved web page file names, web page headers, ALT tags, for improved “natural” search engine results.

Designed and developed an architect’s website redesign as part of a student project, greatly lightening the load time on project images.

Architecture Firms' Website redesign project, images were modified for faster loading. The navigation image at left changed by the page, while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Architecture Firms’ Website modified for faster loading of images. The navigation image at left changed by the page, while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Created an e-mail marketing page and online store for Old World Toys LLC, a company that sells imported and American wooden toys.

Created Two Dollar Bill,” a simple interface for learning all about Colonial American History. Comic bubbles appear to hint at each person’s identity. (Ben Franklin’s: “I killed turkeys with electricity.”) Clicking on each person launches a little history about them. Other links on this bill go to the Declaration text, information about the artist, the U.S. Treasury Dept. and many other links. Technology – page slicing and coding using Photoshop and Dreamweaver. This was a student project.

Two Dollar Bill: American History Made Easy

Two Dollar Bill: American History Made Easy

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