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Find Historical Photos’ Exact Location with

I was just wasting time checking out the new website technology This website links historical photos for several major cities to locations on Google Maps. This website will allow you to see an historical photo of the famous Brown Derby Restaurant in Los Angeles. It was once the dining place of celebrities like Clark Gable. It was torn down in 1970s after a bad fire. I had the good luck to eat there once.

Or here – you can see the location of the house from the noir film “Double Indemnity.” (What? You’ve never seen it?)

And last – The precise location where silent film era star Harold Lloyd hung by his fingertips on a clock face, for the film “Safety Last.

So far the website includes about twenty major cities that have been around for a long time. Our city, Fort Collins, is not yet included there.

And not all famous landmarks are included yet. For instance, Los Angeles didn’t include photos of the Egyptian Theatre nor Mann’s Chinese Theatre.

It’s a neat website, and worth a look if you like old films, historical locations, and nostalgia. Thank you to Smashing Magazine’s neat newsletter for this source. (View Smashing Magazine’s online archive)

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