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Custom WordPress Blogs Designed in Fort Collins, Colorado

Here in northern Colorado, Sproul Creative offers custom WordPress blog designs for your new or already successful businesses. Reach the world with your own important business message!! Customize the new business branding to fit your business marketing look and feel. Link to these important business marketing avenues:

  • Company website,
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst
  • E-commerce shop,
  • Online portfolio,
  • Business marketing videos,
  • Books authored,

Your custom business blog could even serve as the main headquarters to reach your customers, without another website!

Here’s How We Set Up A Custom Business Blog for You:
Choose a basic layout with 1-3 columns. We work with you to develop your look and feel: custom header to match your new or existing business branding, choice of graphic colors, font selection to match your business branding, styles of headers, image styles, background color to fit with your business branding, and more. If you have search engine keywords, we can use them in the text to enhance your natural search engine results.

Custom Business Blog: Easy Updating for You, No Computer Programming:
These are much easier to update than a traditional, HTML-coded website. The back end software is run for free by a great business blog company. It’s quite easy to update your business blog on your own. You could add pages, write new posts, check your visitor traffic, and install plug-ins. Or, because you’re a busy business owner, you could just hand us the whole thing and let us do that for you.

Want to get started creating a custom business blog? We’re here to help you create your new custom business blog in whatever form that fits your envisioning.
Call or E-mail Us Today to Get Started!!

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Sproul Creative Graphics and Web Design
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