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*At Sproul Creative, we’re seeking freelance assignments in hand-drawn and computer illustration graphic design. These would be for children’s book illustration assignments, logo design, legal graphic design (scale street drawings, examples), book jacket design, greeting card design, and advertisements.

Work Methods: We usually work in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign, but also have experience with colored pencil hand illustration.The advantage of the electronic “vector” formats is that they may be enlarged to any size, even up to billboard size, with no loss of quality. Files may be delivered electronically to you or your printer.

Call us today to discuss your project (970-988-5413) or use our handy E-mail Contact Form.

The Moth Illustration, March 2009

The Moth, Entered in the Communication Arts 2009 Illustration Competition

Created in Illustrator, custom swatches were created for this project.

Fire-Breathing Dragon, Created in Illustrator with custom gradients and blended lines for the wings.

Woman in 1900’s Fairgrounds Exhibit, Illustrator and Photoshop

Book Jacket: Tracks (Non-Fiction)

Book Jacket: Tracks (Non-Fiction Travel Adventure)

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